Friday, February 27, 2009

We Made It ! Showcase Saturday

Yeah the weekend is here, let's see what you all have made this week. I can not wait to check out all the projects you guys did with you kids.

If you are new to Showcase Saturday, this is where you link below any fun craft projects you did this week.

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The Letter "B", and the Letter "J" and Shaving Cream

I do not think things could get much better for a 3 years old. Cheyanne had a morning of chocolate milk, jelly beans and shaving cream.

This has been a great morning.

First we started off with the letter "B". It was suppose to be Brown Bubbles on B, but the bubbles did not show up to well. Although Cheyanne had fun blowing the bubbles.

We used: Construction paper, straw, glue and chocolate milk.

Cheyanne blew bubble and put the "B" on top of them.

Allow to dry.

Drink extra chocolate milk.

Glue "B's" on paper.

Next we worked on the letter "J".

We used: construction paper, scissors, jellybeans and glue.

Cut out the letter "J" and glue on jellybeans.

Yesterday in my preschool class we had a sensory table with shaving cream, Cheyanne had so wished she had got to play in it. So I told her we could do it at home. I spayed the shaving cream on the counter and let her play. She had a blast, plus I might get some clean counters out of it (and chairs and floors).

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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Two Caterpillar Crafts

This is the first Caterpillar craft we worked on. This is a cute craft that can be used with a Caterpillar book or to work with the letter "C".

We used: Construction paper, markers, scissors and glue.

I cut out the shapes and Cheyanne glued them on.

Then she used the markers to decorate the picture.

The Popsicle Stick Caterpillar

This is a craft even a young child can do.

We used a large craft stick, pom-poms, glue and chenille stem.

Spread glue on the stick.

Put on Pom-poms and add chenille stems for the antenna.

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Ants and the Letter "A"

The Letter "A" is for Ants and Apples.

For this project we used construction paper, scissors, glue and dry black beans.

I cut out the "A" and an apple.

Cheyanne glued on the "A", the apple and of course the black beans for ants.

I did draw a few lines next to the beans to make the ants look as if they had little legs.

Here is another ant project, if you are not doing letters.

I think this is a cute ant craft. I borrowed it, from my daughter's teacher, she has some of the most amazing ideas. My daughter is lucky to have such a creative teacher.

Materials used: Construction paper, fabric squares, glue,markers and black beans.

First we glued down the fabric square for the picnic blanket.

Then the kids decorated their pictures with a tree, a basket and sun.

After getting the picture like they wanted, they glued on the black beans for ants.

Here are the ants crawling to the picnic basket.

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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The Letter "J" and the Letter "O"

Meet Ollie the Octopus and Jumping Jack. These are 2 cute letter crafts that Cheyanne loved doing.

To make Jumping Jack we used: Construction paper, scissors, glue, marker and a large craft stick.

I cut out all the shapes for Cheyanne to glue on.

Cheyanne glued on Jumping Jacks face and legs.

Cheyanne also drew on some hair with a marker.

I glued on the large craft stick to make it a puppet.

For Ollie the Octopus we used the same materials as the "J" except we added reinforcement labels.

I cut out all Ollies pieces.

Cheyanne added the reinforcement labels on to the legs to make the suckers.

And she glued on all Ollies pieces.

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Monday, February 23, 2009

Spider Web Craft

Continuing the bug theme, we made these spider webs.

Colton and Chey had a lot of fun making these.

We used: Cake pan, marble,black construction paper, pencil, scissors, white paint, silver glitter and fake spider.
If you do not have a fake spider, you can make one out of paper.

Trace bottom of the cake pan on the black paper. Cut the circle out. Place the circle inside the pan.

Dip and cover the marble in paint.
Place in cake pan and roll around in the pan. You may need to coat the marble more than once. This will make the spider web.

While paint is still wet, sprinkle with glitter. Dump off access glitter.

Glue on spider.

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